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Myagi is the best way to make sure your frontline sales and service staff have the skills, knowledge, confidence and context to deliver unforgettable customer experiences every time.
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Why Myagi?

A new era calls for a new approach. Customers now demand more than ever from your staff — exquisite service, impeccable knowledge, laser sharp problem solving skills, and that’s just for starters. Think a static, isolated and industry agnostic system can equip your people with all of these? Nope? Neither did we.

Myagi has redefined the playbook from the ground up. From its revolutionary system for combining external content sources, right through to its beautiful user experience and intelligent content allocation capabilities, Myagi makes it simple to scale excellence across your entire organisation.

What Myagi Does

Are you a Retailer or Brand?
Source from experts
Great content, delivered regularly is the key to driving good habits and continuous improvement. Myagi allows you to discover and connect with fresh content from subject matter experts, brands and retail professionals in seconds.
Bottle your best
Why is the brilliance of your best salespeople available only to them and the people they work with? Complement content from external pros by capturing and spreading the magic of your rockstar performers across your entire organisation using Myagi’s integrated set of content creation and distribution tools.
Target like a laser
Channel content to where it matters the most. Myagi combines your own set of content assignment logic with the best in machine learning to help recommend and allocate content to maximise engagement and impact.
Give your staff tools they love
We all know our people are our most valuable asset, so let’s give them tools that reflect that mantra. Myagi’s native mobile applications provide a beautiful learning environment for staff to immerse themselves in so they want to keep coming back to hone their knowledge and skills.
You improve what you measure
Review and systematically grow your company’s collective skill and potential. Myagi gives you feedback to pinpoint where best to focus to continually improve the performance of your people — day in day out. Myagi’s analytics suite helps identify the content, people, and management practises that are going to give you the greatest lift in sales and service performance.

Myagi is trusted by hundreds of brands and retailers worldwide

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Myagi puts the learner in the driver's seat and it's their tool to be used as and when and how they see fit, which works very well for most. It’s quite different to someone coming into the store, standing in front of you and giving you a bunch of information.
Max Wallder
Merrell’s Trade Market Executive, U.K & Ireland
We are pioneering a culture shift with Myagi, and we have been very surprised by the uptake and progress...
Rodger Maguire
Head of Training & Development, Blacks Retail
We are just stoked with how Myagi is going. The beauty of it is that it’s not daunting to me or our team...
Richard Morrow
Director of Training & Development, Mike's Bikes

Myagi’s Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay on a free plan forever?
Yes. If you just simply want to consume content from the marketplace or brands and you manage a small team or store, then you can use the free plan as long as you want. If you want to distribute content (i.e. you are a brand), want to build your own content or need a greater level of functionality for a large company/enterprise, click HERE to chat with one of our experts who can help work through your needs with you.
Do you charge “per user”?
We think that a per user charge in retail and frontline businesses is a bit cheeky. You often end up paying as much for a person working two days a month as you do for a full-timer. It’s also tough to control your budget during times when there is a lot of staff movement such as holiday periods. That’s why at Myagi we charge based per-store. It’s a much more stable measure and is (usually!) aligned with success for both retailer and brands.
Making content can be hard work, can Myagi help us out?
Days gone by, content meant getting a whole bunch of high-end equipment, specialist operators, dedicated locations, editors… and so on. Now, if you’re setup for that — great, but there are a tonne of other ways to get incredible, impactful content. Myagi covers the gamut — from the simplest way to get started (use pre-built expert content), to enlisting your internal experts, right through to outsourced production. Simply, no matter your budget and available time, we’ve got ways to make sure you can build and deliver great content.
What is involved in rolling out Myagi?

We know the question that’s in the back of your mind? Is this going to consume my waking hours for the next 6 months (or more)? No. Trust us, we’ve been there and we liked it as much as you did (not at all). We’ve found that pairing simplicity and flexibility in the actual system itself along with a dedicated onboarding specialist means teams of thousands even are up and running within a couple of weeks. Smaller teams can be up and running in a couple of days.
How do I get everyone up to speed and using Myagi in my company?
Every facet of Myagi was designed with simplicity in mind. Most end users can grasp Myagi within a matter of minutes. We also offer regular webinars and Q&A sessions to help familiarise your managers and key staff with Myagi. If that wasn’t enough, we have award-winning support, a comprehensive knowledge base and inline help prompts.
What if I go over my plan’s store limit?

Don’t worry, each plan has very generous limits, then a safety net, then a buffer. We’re always here to make sure you're on a fair and accurate plan, so our customer success team can work with you to make sure you're set up properly.
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Okay, you got us, this isn’t a frequently asked question, but it is fun to say.
Can I have some Myagi stickers?

Absolutely! Just drop us an email HERE and we'll send some out to you.
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