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Everyone likes to know what it takes to get to the top. Track and rank performance at a company, area/region, team and user level.
Sharing is caring, Myagi’s unique smartlink technology allows you to bundle up and share your content with anyone via a simple link, giving them access in one-click.
Channel Manager
Keep all of your different types of content tidy, monitor content performance and manage content distribution in a couple of clicks by using Myagi’s handy channel manager.
Allocation Rules
On top of team based allocation, Myagi allows you to intelligently route content based on job roles and functional responsibilities. Combine this with team based allocation and remove manual administration of training outright.
Channel Pages
Your brand is probably the most powerful asset you have, so make sure you’re giving it the right stage to have the greatest impact. Myagi’s premium brand pages help you showcase the true look and feel of your brand. Enchant customers and prospects alike with rich, beautiful content that drives engagement and a heightened level of brand recall.
Company Management Suite
Company Manager from Myagi makes scaling your learning activities from one, through to thousands of stores a cinch. Model your company’s structure in moments and manage your people at company level, right down to the individual.
Team Manager
Give your store or team managers the power to manage the specific coaching and learning demands of their area. Team Manager users get access to content & communications tools, dedicated team level analytics and people administration capabilities.
Group stores into “areas”, “districts” or “regions”. Give your area managers the visibility over performance of their own area, as well as performance relative to other areas. With Area Management, they can also compare performance between stores in their area and implement measures to make all of their stores stellar performers.
Today's Learning
Myagi uses the best in machine learning to determine the most important and most impactful lessons each of your staff should take on any given day. We learn the characteristics of what content they engage with, when, for how long and craft personalised lesson plans to match.
Native Apps
Hate the “gummy” scroll effect, the “swipe” that doesn’t quite swipe, or constantly having to login? Welcome to the world of poorly designed web apps. Now multiply these frustrations across every lesson taken, by everyone in your company — ouch, that’s a lot of goodwill lost. Give your people delightful and engaging learning experiences using Myagi’s native iOS™ and Android™ apps.
Custom Branding
Show off your brand to your employees and make them feel like part of the family with Myagi’s rich custom branding module. From your own landing and signin pages, right through to the in-app experience, have it ooze your brand feel.
Content Search
Can’t remember the name of the “thingy” or the piece of content you can’t quite put your finger on? Want to discover new potential content for your staff? Myagi’s powerful free-text search will help you uncover exactly what you’re looking for in a couple of keystrokes.
Content Marketplace
Content is the fuel that inspires and drives people to peak performance. Whether you want to tap the knowledge of experts, pull in the wisdom from brands, or bottle the magic from your own top performers, Myagi’s content marketplace has the greatest array of performance improving content for frontline employees in the world.
Custom URL / Domain
Give your Myagi instance your own personalised web presence that you can send your staff to. Whether it's your own subdomain, e.g. yourcompany.myagi.com, or entirely self-contained domain, e.g. learning.yourwebsite.com, your own URL makes it simple to find and easy to access.
Single Sign On
Make many apps feel like one. Give your staff that seamless, simple user experience between all of your critical apps through a single identity and sign-on. Don’t get trapped into the single vendor shuffle ever again — get the flexibility to use the apps you want, without the headache of managing multiple logins.

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